Adriana Torres

Director of Photography/Editor

Adriana TorresAdriana Torres is a motion graphics designer, visual effects artist, editor and director of photography for StandOut Productions and has been involved in their productions for the past two years. During that time, she has created title openings for twelve of their shows, been a part of the camera department and has edited and done visual effects for three of their productions: Laughing Matters… Next Gen and One Night Stand Up, episodes 3 and 5.

Adriana has also worked on numerous other projects for television and film, including producing and directing nine episodes of Logo TV’s Brunch With Bridget, a comedy variety talk show, and 13 episodes of Mrs. Twizzleton’s Magic Garden, a children’s television series for PBS. She has edited fitness videos for Watch It Now TV and Warner Brothers Home Video as well, including Lisa Rinna’s Dance Body Beautiful and Kim Lyon’s Start Fitness Now.


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